ESP Credit Management is the franchisor for the Hokas brand, which is franchised globally. We are currently in markets in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, France, Canada, and the United States. We are presently expanding to new markets.

ESP provides franchisee support services, including sales, operational, and software support. The financial services platform provided by ESP is used by the franchisees to provide services to customers across the globe. ESP leverages the latest technologies to deliver a consistent, scalable, and modern set of services to our franchisees, and to our customers.

The ESP software platform provides tools to optimize the follow-up of unpaid involves, driving down receivable age. The platform supports the automation of the recovery process prior to collection while enabling a continued focus on reducing receivable age.

ESP is comprised of experienced professionals with deep executive, sales, operational, finance, and engineering experience. ESP is always looking for talented members to join the team.


ESP shares its values with our franchisees, which are inspired from C.A.R.E Leadership, and a culture of C.A.R.E.:

We show that we CARE, by putting the needs of our Customers first, by always having a positive and helpful Attitude, and by treating everyone and everything with Respect. By living our code of values we Enjoy life in the process.

About ESP Credit Management

ESP Credit Management was established to expand the Hokas brand, which was originally established in 1994 by founder Helge Helgesen. Founded in 2007, ESP abstracted the core components of the Hokas platform and began an optimization process to make the platform robust, scalable, and modern, while combining a suite of operational services to support franchisees.

ESP Credit Management utilizes an agile model and provides regular updates to the platform to support the evolving needs of our franchisees and their customers. A global development team support continued evolution of the ESP software platform, with the goal of being the best and most flexible solution for invoice monitoring. Integrations are available with most modern financial systems, and new integrations are developed regularly to support the markets of franchisees.

ESP Credit Management also supports the individual needs of franchisees as business is tailored to local markets. Entry into the collections market in 2017 was supported for Hokas Credit Management (as Hokas Collection AS) in Norway.

The Hokas brand and franchise concept are wholly owned by ESP Credit Management, LLC.

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